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we are mused.
As a design agency, we have successfully implemented projects with our customers for many years. Now we want to take a new step and fulfill a long-cherished dream:
We start our own brand mused.
Thanks to our many years of experience as a design agency, all products are designed by us, worked out technically and right through to shipping
Our home is the heart of our lives, hardly anywhere else do we spend as much time as at home. 
The focus of our design is on simple geometric shapes, functionality and awareness of our environment with ours 
To load products as little as possible. In order to keep transport routes as short as possible, our products are produced exclusively in Germany and Europe.
The choice of materials plays a major role in our design process. We don't want to produce any new garbage that pollutes our environment. We only use natural raw materials or 100% recycled materials. Our packaging is also as plastic-free as possible or we use 100% recycled plastic.